What If World

a story podcast for kids


What If World is a storytelling podcast for kids. Each week, Mr. Eric takes a "what if?" question from a friend and spins it into a story just for you!




Eric James O'Keefe lives in Los Angeles, far, far away from his nephew in Boston. Their weekly stories over Skype inspired this podcast! Eric has over 10 years of experience with early childhood development and has taught kids motor skills, gymnastics, karate, singing, acting, and story-telling.

Karen Marshall

editor / producer



When not at her day job at a software company in Los Angeles, Karen might be found running her marshmallow and confectionery business Mallow & Hop, making pies, walking her dogs, playing board games, listening non-stop to podcasts, or editing this one.

The What If World theme song was written & performed by Craig Martinson. You can listen to it below!