What If World

a story podcast for kids


What If World is a storytelling podcast for kids. Each week, Mr. Eric takes a "what if?" question from a friend and spins it into a story just for you!

88 - What if I jumped on a trampoline and landed on a cloud (and could control the weather)?

Mr. Eric will be joined by the amazing author and voice actor, Jim Weiss, for a reimagining of the Jack and the Beanstalk, starring a little girl named Amalia, a magic trampoline, and a weather-controlling giant!

Lessons include: shutting yourself off from the world won’t make it a better place; not everyone you meet will share your passions, but stick with it and you’re sure to find a welcoming community!

And to hear the latest from Jim Weiss, check out The Count of Monte Cristo!


Live What If Workshop (for kids 7-12)! We’ll be back at Children’s Bookworld on August 11th running an intro to improv from 2:30 to 3:30. Mr. Eric will give kids tips and activities for live performance, working together, and inventing original stories. During the last 20 minutes, performers will work with the teacher to tell their own live story.

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What If World is made by Eric O’Keeffe with help from Karen Marshall O'Keeffe. Our theme song is by Craig Martinson and our artwork is by Jason O’Keefe.