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What If World is a storytelling podcast for kids. Each week, Mr. Eric takes a "what if?" question from a friend and spins it into a story just for you!

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80 - What if cows could make money from mooing and sinking into the deep sea and getting treasure box? (plus Abacus, the moon, & the sun)

What If World has its first crush! Well, its moon does anyway. Get ready to meet the Moon Cow Crooners and hear Mr. Eric’s first quasi-Australian accent. Just remember, What If World’s accents are all just a little bit different from What Is World’s ;)

Lessons include: we should own up to our mistakes rather than make silly excuses; picking on someone is not a good way to show you care

Our Art Contest Ends June 15th

At least one work will be chosen to inspire a What If Story at the end of June. With parent’s permission, contestants will have their artwork featured in What if World’s Conversatorium, a private Facebook group for fans of the show. Of course, we’ll share first names only. Send a scan or photo of your child’s artwork to whatifworldpodcast@gmail.com or mail it straight to us:

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P.O. Box 4905
Panorama City, CA 91402

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Art by Ty Templeton Art

Art by Ty Templeton Art