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What If World is a storytelling podcast for kids. Each week, Mr. Eric takes a "what if?" question from a friend and spins it into a story just for you!

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131. What if kids could sleep at school?

Mr. Eric teams up with Grammy winning musical artist Secret Agent 23 Skidoo for a story that’s truly a dream come true! Can Zach and Captain Boar learn to fly at Sleepaway Camp, aka Dream School?

131 - skidoo_album_release_june_2018.png

Lessons include: Having an active day and making healthy choices is the key to a good night’s sleep; being honest about your fears can help you face them

Learn more about our special guest, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, his albums and upcoming shows! Follow him on Facebook @secretagent23skidoo. One of my favorite songs is Imaginary Friend, but they’re all super catchy and fun.

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What If World is made by Eric O’Keeffe with help from Karen Marshall O'Keeffe. Our theme song is by Craig Martinson and our podcast art is by Jason O’Keefe. Additional songs and sound effects from audioblocks.com. Broken Dreams song used with permission from Secret Agent 23 Skidoo.